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Something a bit different today…

I’m not much of an adult fantasy reader. I’ve nothing against it, I just don’t seem to read much in that particular genre. That is until I read Sistersong by Lucy Holland last week. Lucy’s writing and character portrayal were so brilliant that I surprised myself by finding I was really enjoying it and desperate to find out what would happen next!

“In a world full of people who see what they expect or wish to see, suggestion is sometimes more powerful than any magic.”

Sistersong by Lucy Holland

Betrayal. Magic. Murder.

Set in ancient Britain when the threads of magic binding the land are fraying, and the threat of a Saxon war looms…

Sistersong follows the narratives of three sisters, Keyne, Riva and Sinne, and the ultimately devastating rifts between them, as they long for more than life in the hold.

Though shunned by many, Myrdhin the magician brings wisdom, guidance and the magic of the land. But when the handsome warrior Tristan arrives in their midst, charming them all, which sister will listen to the wise words of Myrdhin to find strength from within, and which will be swept away by the warriors charm?

The paths they choose to follow will shape the destiny of Britain.

An immersive, unsettling and compelling read inspired by the traditional folk ballad The Two Sisters.

I loved the inspiration of ancient Britain and the deep rooted magic of songs and stories. Despite their flaws I found myself rooting for all the sisters and could hardly put it down!

Perfect for fans of mythology, historical fiction and fantasy – Lucy skilfully embraces all three, meaning there is something for everyone.

Thank you to Pan Macmillan for my reading copy – Sistersong is currently out in hardback!

If you want to read more about how Lucy has epically rewritten over gender stereotypes and inspirationally tackled the weight of patriarchal history – check out this article…

Until next time – happy reading 🙂

Meg xx

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