Dear Reader, Something a bit different today... I'm not much of an adult fantasy reader. I've nothing against it, I just don't seem to read much in that particular genre. That is until I read Sistersong by Lucy Holland last week. Lucy's writing and character portrayal were so brilliant that I surprised myself by finding … Continue reading Sistersong

Monsters, Ghosts, Thieves, & Witches

Dear Reader, For me, the last few months have seen some fantastic 9-12 adventures so today I thought I'd share some of the highlights... I'll start with the monster - well The Beast really - and what a Beast... I consumed The Beast & The Bethany by Jack Meggit-Phillips in one sitting and found myself … Continue reading Monsters, Ghosts, Thieves, & Witches

Pages & Co – Tilly and The Book Wanderers

This week I finished reading Tilly and The Book Wanderers, the first instalment of Pages & Co, by Anna James. A wonderfully refreshing and exciting 9-12 fictional adventure - although, that being said, reading it made me question what's fictional after all... Tilly and The Book Wanderers by Anna James Tilly lives in her grandparents … Continue reading Pages & Co – Tilly and The Book Wanderers