The Night Circus

The Night Circus‘ by Erin Morgenstern has been my first read of 2020. I’ve had my eye on this book for quite some time and yet not got around to reading it – I was not disappointed!

The circus arrives without warning… It is simply there when yesterday it was not.

Erin Morgenstern
(The Night Circus)

The story begins in 1873 with a challenge, set up between two men for their students. Not your average students, but students of magic and illusion; two schools of thought pitted against one another. However, nearly 30 years later, there are far wider reaching consequences than can have been foreseen…

Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair are unwittingly bound into this challenge from the start – a challenge that will play out until the end, however long it takes… As time passes and the game becomes increasingly more complicated the more people are involved, Celia and Marco form a relationship far deeper than the opponents they are meant to be. As they become ever more inextricably tied to the circus, and each other, will the game ever end and if it does, what will be the sacrifice and will they be tied to the circus forever?

Told from multiple character perspectives and constantly jumping back and forth within the plotline, with regards to timing and locations, it is a fast paced and intricately woven narrative with fantastic characters and spellbinding atmosphere. The detail of the writing is breath taking… so believable its almost tangible, as you read with feverish anticipation the circus comes to life around you – I couldn’t put it down!

An intoxicating story of magic and the boundless power of love. Utterly spellbinding.

Meg’s recommended reads if you liked The Night Circus:

A Berlin Love Song by Sarah Matthias

The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling

Both books are beautifully written and have a common theme of being set in a circus. Gosling’s novel plays out in Victorian London and is entirely fictional, while Matthias’ story is based on facts from history and set in Berlin during the Second World War. Both books are utterly captivating with compelling plots and heart wrenching romance. Enjoy!

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