A Trip of One’s Own

Dear Reader,

Last month I spent an enjoyable weekend ‘globe-trotting’ with the wonderful Kate Wills, both to far flung corners of the earth and history. All travel was within Covid regulations and achieved without having to move from my sofa once!

A Trip of One’s Own by Kate Wills

History | Nonfiction (Adult) | Travel


It’s time to seize the day and find your own inner wander woman, whatever that might look like, with the help of travel journalist Kate Wills.

Kate wasn’t expecting to be divorced after less than a year of marriage. She wasn’t expecting to be remaking a life that had, for the last 12 years with her partner, seemed so stable. Luckily, her job as a travel journalist offered her the perfect opportunity to escape from it all. But this time, her restless jet-setting felt different. She felt more alone than ever before, particularly against a backdrop of never-ending hen dos, weddings and baby showers.

So she began to search history for female travellers to inspire her. From a 4th-century nun to a sailor in disguise; from an opium-addicted author, to a globe-girdling cyclist, Kate retraces these incredible journeys on a quest to discover what her desire to be on the move is really about. Looking back through history, Kate will show that there have been astonishing women who’ve broken free from more burdensome expectations, clearing the path for us to do the same.

A Trip of One’s Own is a funny, heartfelt invitation to take that trip: to Paris, to Whitstable, and maybe down that street you’ve always wondered about. Perhaps, even exploring the world in this book…


What a wonderful book! Kate’s writing is really refreshing – full of sparkling prose, humorous anecdotes and inspiring women – reading it felt like a trip in itself. Kate has a talent for capturing the feel/essence of a place in a seemingly effortless handful of words. The references to art, history, literature, religion, language, food etc. are fascinating. Each chapter focuses on a female travel journalist from history, a wonderful girl power boost that expertly embellishes Kate’s own travels and her wider life journey. The inclusion of Kate’s tips for solo travel were a great addition – practical, accessible, inclusive and inspiring.

Ironically this is a perfect pandemic read – sit back, relax and travel the world from your sofa… or get excited about planning your next trip post-restrictions – even if it’s just down the road!

The new ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Wholly recommend.


Throughout reading I kept reaching for my phone to google all the incredible women she introduces, as well as pen and paper to jot down tips and reading recommendations – my TBR list has practically doubled from all the fascinating books mentioned!

Happy reading and ‘virtual’ travelling 🙂

Meg xx

A Trip of One’s Own by Kate Wills is published by Bonnier Books today. Thank you to the author, publishers and Net Galley for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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