Charity Shop Book Haul!

Dear Readers,

The other week I really enjoyed reading Em’s post about her recent purchases from the charity shop. You can check out the post here…

I too had been lucky on a recent second hand book haul and so was inspired to share them with you today – thanks Em!

I always talk about books that I have already read so am pretty excited to chat about books I’ve yet to read, why they caught my eye and what exactly appeals to me about them. Here goes…

My second-hand haul!

HOW TO BE A TUDOR BY RUTH GOODMAN, A Dawn to Dusk Guide to Everyday Life £1.25

Ruth is a fantastic historian. She’s so passionate, enthusiastic and practical – she’s never afraid to just get in there! I was (and still am) an avid fan of the farm documentary series she co-presented with Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn; Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm in particular. I’m really excited to read this book of hers. It will be interesting to see how she comes across on the page as opposed to the screen. She is especially interested in the social side of history too – so a practical guide to be being a Tudor sounds great. Flicking through it looks really prosey – more of a journal than a fact book – so my kind of history!


I’ve read The Midnight Library and Reasons to Stay Alive this year so I know I like Matt Haig’s writing. I’ve had How To Stop Time on my radar for a while now so was super excited to find a second hand copy. The main character, Tom Hazard, has been alive for centuries and will remain eternal as long as he never falls in love… Think this will be a tissues read!


In my quest to keep up with my classics reading I have wanted to have a go at some Edith Wharton. I’ve heard great things about this particular book of hers which was first published in 1920 but set in the 1870’s. A comedy of manners involving the upper class of New York and the ‘eternal triangle of love’, I am really excited to get reading this one.


The typewriter-style front on the spine of this book caught my eye on the shelf. On discovering the story is set in 1946…I was pretty much sold on it! Basically, various characters end up thrust together in Hamburg, Germany post Second World War. It looks like it’s quite character driven and says on the back, In this charged atmosphere, enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal. We will see!


I do love a celebration of female writing and am recently loving reading short story collections too (I really should do a post). Not only does this celebrate women’s writing but also women’s exploration of their place in the world following the Second World War. Including the writing of Penelope Lively and Fay Weldon – I could not resist!

POETRY IN THE MAKING BY TED HUGHS, An Anthology of Poems and Programmes from Listening and Writing £3.50

I’m trying to read more poetry. I love Rupi Kaur and Nikita Gill (contemporary poets) but am trying to give some more classical poetry another try. I was recently introduced to The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes, which I liked, so when I saw this little book exploring the art of poetry alongside the work of various poets… I thought I would give it a read.


Another historical fiction read I know, but I just can’t help it! Set in Italy during the Italian Renaissance (a period I loved learning about in my Art History lessons), 16 year old Serafina is forced into a convent as a Nun following an illicit love affair. But her presence in the Abbey begins to unleash a power play that may lead to the challenging of her incarceration… Sounds good right?!


This probably doesn’t need any introduction and is exactly why I bought it. I’ve heard so much glowing praise for this writer and just never got around to reading her. I love the Tudors and, as a child, had a particular fascination with the wives of Henry the VIII. I’ve read a lot of kids fiction surrounding this period of history so am pretty excited to read this adult take from such a renowned writer.


Well that concludes my recent haul. Eight books for just £13.92!

There is something really special about second-hand books too. I love thinking about all the people who have read them before; the yellowing pages, scuffed edges and the discovery of certain gems that are now sadly out of print. Even working as a bookseller I do love a trip to the charity shops – such a good cause too. Equally as important as supporting your local bookstore 🙂

Do share any second-hand reading gems of your own in the comments!

Bookish wishes,

Meg xx

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