Dear Readers,

I really am just loving Georgette Heyer at the moment – despite Venetia being only the second of her novels that I’ve read so far – I just can’t get enough of her! (Read my review of my first Heyer, April Lady, here…)

But onto Venetia

Venetia by Georgette Heyer, read by Gemma Whelan

Historical Fiction | Romance

In all her twenty-five years, Venetia Lanyon has never been further than Harrogate. Nor has she enjoyed the attentions of any man aside from her two wearisomely persistent suitors.

Then, in one extraordinary encounter, she meets a neighbour she only knew by reputation – the infamous Jasper Damerel. Before she realises it, Venetia is encouraging a man whose way of life has scandalised the North Riding for years.


I absolutely loved everything about this audiobook. It was a wonderful plot – engaging, often hilarious, but also comforting. However, that said, I do feel I should mention that I was moved to tears by the major crisis in the second half of the book…! I really admire Heyer’s attention to period details, and the dialogue is particularly brilliant – full of Austen’s classically wry wit.

Gemma Whelan was an absolute joy to listen to – just what I needed at the moment. I couldn’t wait to pop my earbuds in and slip into Heyer’s regency world. This story of hers in particular, had a kind of Bronte feel about it (think Jane Eyre but without the gothic!) – probably due to it’s Yorkshire setting, older hero and independent female protagonist! But it’s kind of softer, more comforting, which I really liked.

Venetia really is a wonderful protagonist, charismatic, funny, smart, witty and modestly modest (if you know what I mean!); but she is also strong and inspiring too. Though I loved all the characters, (even the annoying ones – they were so well portrayed!) I did have a soft spot for Aubrey, her younger brother, who really made me chuckle! Oh and I did of course fall in love with Damerell… I dare you not to!!

This book has secured it’s place as one of my all time favourite reads. And as an audiobook, I think I could have it on permanent repeat and never tire of it.

Comfort reading at it’s best – after all, what is more comforting than being read to?

Thank you to Net Galley and Penguin Random House Audiobooks for my recording of April Lady in exchange for my honest review.

Bookish wishes,

Meg xx

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