The Rose Code

Dear Reader,

To say I have been excited about sharing this book with you would be a serious understatement. So without further ado, I’m thrilled to be able to say Happy Publication Day to The Rose Code by Kate Quinn!

A huge thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins Publishers and Author, Kate Quinn, for offering me an ARC of this brilliant book in exchange for my honest review.

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

1940, Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire.

Three very different women are recruited to the mysterious Bletchley Park, where the best minds in Britain train to break German military codes.

Vivacious debutante Osla has the dashing Prince Philip of Greece sending her roses – but she burns to prove herself as more than a society girl, working to translate decoded enemy secrets. Self-made Mab masters the legendary codebreaking machines as she conceals old wounds and the poverty of her East-End London upbringing. And shy local girl Beth is the outsider who trains as one of the Park’s few female cryptanalysts.

1947, London. 

Seven years after they first meet, on the eve of the royal wedding between Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, disaster threatens. Osla, Mab and Beth are estranged, their friendship torn apart by secrets and betrayal. Yet now they must race against the clock to crack one final code together, before it’s too late, for them and for their country.

As the nation prepares for the royal wedding they must race against the clock to save one of their own.


For me, The Rose Code was The Imitation Game meets The Crown with a dash of Downton Abbey – what more could you possibly want?! Historically immersive with a cracking plot that bristled with secrets, Bletchley Park itself was palpable and I was entranced.

Kate Quinn masterfully interweaves the three narratives of glamorous Osla, determined Mab and timid Beth, and I was equally invested in them all. At the start of the book I made notes on each of the girls as they were introduced. I’ve read a couple of books recently that lost me and I found it very frustrating trying to follow the story. Notes on The Rose Code however, were absolutely unnecessary – I was hooked from page one and throughout three interweaving narratives, seven years of plot and 650+ pages I didn’t get lost (or loose interest) once. Now that’s skilful writing.

I don’t really know where to begin talking about the characters… they were brilliantly crafted – so vivid, so human, so flawed, so quirky, so individual – so real they seemed to leap of the page. I was torn between the compulsion to finish the book and find out the truth, and yet desperate for it to never end because I didn’t want to loose the characters who had become my friends. Since finishing I have even caught myself in certain situations thinking, ‘what would Osla do? Or Mab? Or Beth?’ I loved Osla’s vivacity, she was so sparky; she just kept her chin up and continued to call everyone ‘darling’. I really admired Mab’s determination, loyalty and strength of character – and Beth’s bravery and courage in the face of everything was truly inspirational. All I can urge is that you read the book and go meet them for yourself. Oh, and I especially loved The Mad Hatter’s Book Club and dare you not to wish you could be part of it too!

The Rose Code does have it’s fair share (and more) of heart shattering moments. It’s the kind of book that takes hold of you and you can’t think of anything else until you’ve finished it – and not even then. You find yourself replaying the narratives in your head, examining them further and continuing to consider character actions and the outcome of events long after the last page. In other words their lives become your life.

In conclusion, READ IT! 🙂

As always I love to hear from you – have you read The Rose Code too? Or something equally as immersive? Drop me a line in the comments or over on Twitter @MegReadz 🙂

Meg xx

PS. Fun fact: This May will be 80 years (1941-2021) since The German Enigma Code was broken at Bletchley Park by the Hut 8 team led by mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing.

9 thoughts on “The Rose Code

  1. This is the sort of adult book I never read, yet I know if it was broadly the same but MG I’d be all over it! So maybe I should give it a go – your enthusiasm for it is certainly swaying me!!

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    1. Oh my goodness – it really is amazing! 😍 I was actually pretty skeptical when I requested it but the writing is to die for – I even put off starting it (I’m ashamed to admit 🙈) but about two weeks ago I was sent an invite to the virtual launch and that gave me the incentive to pick it up and have a see – honestly I was hooked by page three 😅 you should definitely give it a try 👍👍


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