Home Body

I have been so excited for the release of Rupi Kaur’s third collection of poetry (I pre-ordered my signed copy some months ago)! If you’ve been a follower for a while you’ll have already read my Feminist Friday post about her first collection milk & honey back in March, but if not then you can check it out here.

I could have read home body in one sitting – it is gorgeous. Rupi has once again produced a work of art from deep within her soul. Instead I restrained and managed to savour it, reading each section in separate sittings to eek out the experience…

home body by rupi kaur

Rupi’s poems in home body focus mainly on the relationship with ourselves and our bodies, following the idea that home can be found within us.

Rupi is an incredibly inspiring individual, and the other weekend I was lucky enough to catch her live on Instagram doing a reading and Q&A. What I most enjoyed hearing about was how much Covid has worked with fate to cultivate the set up for her to write her soul in ink and produce home body. Lockdown forced her to spend time with her family in the town of her childhood (somewhere she vowed she’d never return), working in the bedroom she grew up in, surrounded by memories of her old self. This meant she had to come to terms with her past, her present, her life and her emotions to enable her to dredge up much of the content for home body.

This year has definitely been a meeting of fates for me too. Covid has taught me a lot about the nature of wanting things in life with the disruptions it has brought, and perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the only constant that can be relied upon is change. For me this message was wholly embodied in home body in the importance of self love and the stability this can bring.

I love the power of Rupi’s messages. The way she leaves space for you to project your own emotions within her words. The other day I found myself describing her work to my mum as ‘like a colouring book; graphic and raw in the simplicity of the black lines but with white spaces for the reader to bring their pencils and add the colour, until it resembles something personal – each a piece of art that is entirely unique, yet still hosts the spirit of Rupi.

Definitely feeling the need for a re-read of all three books back-to-back…!

I’d love to hear if anyone else has felt the presence of fate or come to terms with a particular lesson during these challenging times – message me in the comments 🙂

Stay safe,

Meg Readz xx

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