Hello Readers,

Today I’m sharing another brilliant magical fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds – the newly published Glassheart by Katharine Orton. I was lucky enough to receive a copy through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review, so my thanks goes to them, Walker Books and Katharine Orton.

Glassheart by Katharine Orton

Memories of the war haunt Nona like ghosts. But now, as apprentice to her beloved Uncle Antoni, she is beginning to piece her life back together again. That is until Uncle begins acting very strangely indeed. Suddenly they are in the middle of the wild and unpredictable landscape of Dartmoor with her Uncle Antoni’s every move controlled by a mysterious spell…

It seems a terrible evil is rising and Nona is the ultimate sacrifice. Is she strong enough to defeat the magical powers of The Soldier and his army once and for all? Or will all be lost to the dark power of his terrible glass heart…?

With help from a cheeky imp and a couple of brave and beautiful spirits, Nona sets out to confront her past and save her future.

Thoroughly imagined and eerily atmospheric, Glassheart was both suspenseful and compelling. An exciting blend of folklore, fantasy and history. I especially loved the descriptions of the Stained Glass Window making techniques and processes that were threaded throughout the storyline. The details of this ancient craft added a magical and original quality all of their own.

Perfect reading for winter nights when rain lashes at the window and you are snuggled up safely inside 🙂

Meg Readz xx

2 thoughts on “Glassheart

    1. Definitely not! I love 9-12 and haven’t stopped reading it – I firmly believe it contains some of the best writers, stories and messages about the world out there 👍 This was particularly brilliant escapism too – and with a cover design like that what’s not to love 😍


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