The Midnight Guardians

Happy Monday Readers,

I am beyond excited to share this book with you…!

The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery

Evacuated to his aunts house in the north, Col is miserable, so when his imaginary friends come to life before his very eyes, he thinks he’s finally gone mad. But it seems they are here with a purpose, to warn him. His sister Rose is in danger. Together they must save her.

And so begins the long journey to London with a six foot tiger who is terrible at jokes, a very un-subtle badger in a waistcoat, and an argumentative knight for company. But with a war on in Col’s world and the terrifying Midwinter King on the rise in the spirit world, danger lurks behind every corner. It seems it will take all their courage and teamwork to make it to Rose in time…

“We’ve always been real, Col. You created us. You made us, with love and purpose. You gave us thoughts and feelings. And when you make something like that, you bring it to life.”

The Midnight Guardians, Ross Montgomery, 2020

What an incredible book!

Funny, action packed and full of suspense – yet with a magic all of its own, it was also poignant and powerful. I laughed and cried in equal measure and loved every minute – the backdrop of war torn Britain, the magical spirit world just a hairs breadth away, and the powerful messages of hope, courage, friendship, and imagination in the face of adversity.

A wonderful blending of light and dark, hope and despair, magic and reality – and just how fine the line between them can be.

I cannot recommend enough 🙂

Meg Readz xx

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