Archie Greene

Dear Reader,

Today I’m super excited to share with you D.D. Everest’s Archie Greene Trilogy! My sister has been recommending these fantastic 9-12 magical adventures to me for quite some time, and until the other week, I hadn’t got around to reading them. Having just churned through all three books back-to-back, I’m wishing I’d heeded her advice and read them sooner!

To avoid spoilers I’ll only write a synopsis of book one…

On his 12th birthday Archie Greene receives a mysterious parcel, with an even more mysterious note, delivered to him in person from a special firm. However, Granny Greene seems strangely unsurprised and sends him off to deliver the book to an unusual bookshop in Oxford and stay with his unknown cousins, Bramble and Thistle.

What awaits Archie there will turn his whole world upside-down, for he will discover a magical community descended from the original Flame Keepers of Alexandria, dedicated to the finding and preservation of ancient magical books. As Archie begins his Bookbinding Apprenticeship at the Museum of Magical Miscellany, deep beneath the Bodleian Library, and begins to uncover his own magical ability, he finds secrets from the past are waiting to be discovered and dark magic lurks behind every corner…

The word imagination comes from the same source as magic, and many leading authorities (including Gideon Hawke, from the Museum of Magical Miscellany) argue that human imagination is the last vestige of the magic that we all once possessed.

Mudberry’s Guide to Magic, 13th Ed.
(Archie Greene)

I absolutely loved all three books – the writing was fantastic, the magical world was complex and the details were incredibly immersive, the plot twists were phenomenal, and the characters were original – what more could you want?! I especially loved the magical twist on historic events and the enchanting backdrop of Oxford, which added beautifully to the enthralling atmosphere of the books.

Although each book is an adventure in itself, the three work together to unfold the overarching story of Archie Greene and his intertwined fate with the future of magic. This (and the cliff-hangers at the end of the books) makes them utterly compelling from start to finish – I can’t recommend them enough!

Meg Readz xx

If you want to read more about Archie’s magical world click here, but beware of exploring the rest of the site before reading the books…spoiler alert!

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