Feminist Friday: Great Goddesses

Hello and welcome to my eighth Feminist Friday! For those of you who are new, each month I select a book to read that fits my own feminist criteria, which I then share with you on the second Friday of the month. For me, the books I choose must embody female strength of character and be inspirational to read. I try to explore work from a wide variety of genres, reading anything from classics and memoirs to fiction and poetry. So without further ado, here is my choice for August: Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters by Nikita Gill…

Great Goddesses by Nikita Gill

I first encountered Nikita’s inspirational words in her Wild Embers collection, which I purchased from the beautiful bookshop in St Ives whilst on holiday in Cornwall several years ago. I devoured it in a couple of sittings! In contrast, Great Goddesses has been a slow and indulgent process, dipping in and out of Nikita’s beautiful words, soaking up the stories and drawing in their inspiration.

If you want to hear more about how I got into contemporary poetry, check out my Feminist Friday post on Rupi Kaur from March here.

Great Goddesses is a magical culmination of poetry, prose and picture; an exploration of the women of the Greek Myths. Illuminating lessons from their untold stories, as relevant to life in the twenty-first century as ever.

I adore the concept of Great Goddesses; with words of strength, power and beauty, plus breath-taking illustrations, this is a truly inspirational spin on the ancient stories, full of girl power and mantras for self confidence.

I watch Girl Become Goddess, and the metamorphosis is more magnificent than anything I have ever known.

Nikita Gill, Great Goddesses, 2019

One of the things I love about books, literature, reading and stories is the power they have had throughout history – created to explain phenomena, teach lessons and express emotion; then passed down from generation to generation, binding the fabric of life together with fables. Nikita Gill’s collection taps into this ancient and powerful magic with her original reimagining’s of some of the greatest storytelling of all time – the Greek Myths. So clever.

Above left: an illustration of Medusa from one of my favourite poems, Gorgon (A Letter to the Patriarchy). Above right: Nikita Gill.

This is the version / of the tale they do not want you to know. / After all, what is more powerful / than the women who know all about / the blessed fires inside them that grow.

Nikita Gill, Great Goddesses, 2019

I read a great article on thebookseller.com, interviewing Nikita Gill about her work and inspiration which you might like to check out here.

Hope you enjoyed this months Feminist Friday – you can check out my choices for previous months here.

Have a lovely weekend all 🙂

Meg Readz xx

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