Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing Nineteen by Mackenzie Campbell, a collection of poetry titled after the age the author was at the time of writing. I was given access to an archived copy of this book on NetGalley, which was published in March this year.

Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell

The poetic language of Nineteen entwines shattering heartbreak, passionate love, the blackness of loss, and the power of healing. Places safeguard memories, and revisiting them can awaken deeply buried emotions. Campbells poetry captures this beautifully. Written as a love letter, it is a love letter to him, to the reader, and to the writer – in language that wraps around you so you loose all awareness of the present moment. Then, in the peace that follows, it steps forward and kisses your heart.

Meg Readz xx

Thank you to NetGalley, Central Avenue Publishing and Makenzie Campbell for my copy of this book – I loved it.

Makenzie Campbell has also written 2am Thoughts.

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