Feminist Friday: I Found My Tribe

Hello and welcome! Each month I select a book to read that fits my own feminist criteria, which I then share with you on the second Friday of the month. For me, the books I choose must embody female strength of character and be inspirational to read. I try to explore work from a wide variety of genres, reading anything from classics and memoirs to fiction and poetry. So without further ado, here is my choice for June: I Found My Tribe by Ruth Fitzmaurice.

I Found My Tribe by Ruth Fitzmaurice

Ruth’s husband, Simon, has Motor Neurone Disease (MSD). It will only get worse. Mostly she can still see the man she loves by looking into his eyes, but sometimes a veil of pain obscures him from view. Meanwhile life is expected to continue – it it’s funny way. Her tribe of kids keep her on her toes and Ruth takes comfort in the ocean, plunging into the double edged embrace of its icy waters. It is these mind numbing, electrifying moments that kick start her back into action. She is joined in these adventures by her warrior women, ‘The Tragic Wives Swimming Club’. Together they tackle the currents, swells, crashing waves and sucking tides, both in the water and out, to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I really admire anyone who can challenge the conventional structure of prose – that’s why I love Austen and Woolf so much, and Ruth is definitely up there with them. Her wild and unflinching memoir reads like poetry – raw, beautiful and honest. Her language is magic, at once being utterly compelling and powerfully mystical. I felt her writing roused a deep connection to nature and a desperate urge to leap into the ocean. One minute I would be chuckling at her Sherlock-style hunt for a missing shoe with her ‘little Watson’s’ – the next tears streaming down my cheeks as she searches for the man she loves. Incredibly perceptive and heart breaking.

Great loves are for the brave.

Ruth Fitzmaurice, I Found My Tribe

The quote I have included above really stood out to me when I read Ruth’s book and has remained emblazoned on my mind since I finished. I feel that in those few words she sums up what it means to be alive.

Written by a phenomenal women superhero with so many incredible female warriors described along the way, I Found My Tribe was a humbling but deeply inspirational read. I was blown away.

I owe a thank you to my mum, who helped me to choose this months book. She had just read Ruth’s story when I told her I didn’t have a Feminist Friday choice for June. She suggested I try I Found My Tribe – which she had not been able to put down for the last few days! As my mum is my warrior and daily inspiration, for me, this recommendation added another level of meaning to reading the book. Especially as we also love to plunge ourselves into icy coastal waters with the rest of our tribe at any given opportunity! But also a thank you to Ruth for writing such a powerful memoir.

Hope you enjoyed this months Feminist Friday post and I hope to see you next time!

Meg Readz xx

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