Red Letter Days

Hi Everyone! I recently finished reading Sarah-Jane Stratford’s incredible new book Red Letter Days. If you are a regular follower you’ll know that I read her debut novel Radio Girls at Christmas and chose it for my February Feminist Friday post. If you missed it then do check it out (it’s amazing!!) – my review can be found on my blog homepage.

Anyway onto the book!

Red Letter Days by Sarah-Jane Stratford

Phoebe Adler is an aspiring screenwriter, desperate to make her name. But it’s 1950’s New York and The Red Scare is on her doorstep. Phoebe is suddenly swept into the sinister destruction of the Blacklist. In a desperate attempt to pursue her dream against all odds, she flees to London. In a city still reeling from the devastation of WW2, she begins to build a new life. Determined to one day go home.

Hannah Wolfson, an American exile, and now a successful career woman and mother, is safely settled in London. However, she gambles it all as she extends a hand to others, risking everything to hire Blacklisted writers for her film company – which is fast becoming an ever more dangerous secret rebellion.

Here, in the bombed out city, Phoebe and Hannah’s paths cross. As they work hard to make their way in thier new lives, they suddenly find they will need each other more than ever. For even London is not untouchable and everything could still come crashing down around them…

Historical fiction at it’s best. Descriptive, sensory and immersive, with a compelling plot, that made my skin prickle with apprehension. As well as two strong and inspirational female leads, Stratford handles an eclectic cast of characters with ease. Into her incredibly well crafted period backdrop, Stratford weaves the threads of friendship, family and romance creating a tapestry so vibrant and textual it’s almost tangible. I loved every page.

Meg Readz xx

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